You can query the data in two ways:
1. Fill in a list of comma-separated place name, click on "QUERY" button or press enter key. A place name can be a state name in the USA, a province-level name for China and the country name for the other countries. The query tool is case-insensitive and supports substring.
2. Click on the map while holding down the ctrl key (command key in Mac OS) to manually select regions. Hold the shift key while clicking on a selected region to remove it from the query.
Click on "RESET" button to reset everything to the default display.

We update our data around 10AM and 10PM EST each day (3PM and 3AM UTC).
Data: WHO, CDC, ECDC, NHC, DXY, QQ, JHU CSSE (before 02-14-2020), ADCi.

Click on 'Type' to toggle between viewing cumulative or daily rates.
Click on legend to toggle an attribute (Confirmed, Deaths, Recovered).
Drag the mouse to select date ranges.